Your own FCC Soccer School.

What is micro-franchise?

The FCC Micro-franchise aims at creating entrepreneurship opportunities so that young people can lead their own FCC Soccer school in different communities. 

What is micro-franchise?


Profile of our FCC micro-franchisee:

  • Young adult over 18 years old.
  • Technical knowledge on soccer.
  • Vision on teaching sports as a vehicle to change lives and generate their own income.
  • Not necessary for the person to count on knowledge and experience to manage a soccer school.
  • Entrepreneurship spirit and desire to learn.


  • Complete the Micro-franchise Application Form.
  • Time availability: the candidate must have time available to attend the training period and to run the daily operation of his/her venue.
  • It is not necessary to count on infrastructure given that the training takes place in a community’s soccer field, which has been authorized for this purpose.  Hence it is necessary for the micro-franchisee to be a positive natural leader, capable of forging long-term good relationships with neighborhood’s and community’s members.

Why opening a soccer school under the FCC Micro-franchise model?

Our young micro-franchisee will receive professional support from Fútbol con Corazón, which offers a guarantee of creating a positive change in society and an acknowledgement within the community at a higher level than that attained in an independent manner.

Good Brand positioning

FCC has been a recognized brand for its quality, commitment and positive impact, these values and positive associations will be automatically transmitted to your soccer school.

Proven and acquired model

FCC counts on more than 30 venues.  We know the business model and how it can create a positive impact on the lives of children. We want to share and teach you all about this experience.

Support in entrepreneurship financing management

FCC has established alliances with financial institutions to access microcredits, payment terms with suppliers to count on necessary resources to start your own school.

Management support

The FCC team will provide your school with the necessary support for it to attain the expected results.  This support covers: selection of the community soccer field, entrepreneurship training, FCC methodologies, operational and marketing support.

Description of the micro-franchisee
business model

1. The young entrepreneur looks for a community soccer field..

2. Location:
The soccer field may be located in a vulnerable community or in a community with purchasing power.

3. Sources of Income:

  • Social Venue: if your soccer field is located in a vulnerable community, a Social Investor will contribute with the school’s required income.
  • Self-sustainable venue:  if your soccer field is located in a community with purchasing power, your income stems from the monthly payments made by the children’s parents.
  • Hybrid venue: If your soccer field is located in a community with purchasing power, 50% of the income is originated in the monthly sum paid by the parents and the remaining 50% from a Social Investor.

The model’s only requirements

Soccer field in a neighborhood or community + Community’s permission + Sports equipment + Promotion and marketing.

Financing Opportunities

In order to cover the initial investment, FCC has an Alliance with Fundación Mario Santo Domingo (foundation), through which you can in a simple and easy way access a microcredit even without having credit history.

What is the cost of a FCC Micro-franchise?

The initial investment is of around $3.000.000 Colombian pesos, which includes:
Purchase of sports equipment
First-Aid kit
Promotion material
Insurance policy

Steps to acquire a FCC Micro-franchise

1. Application form

Once you have submitted the information, we will review and validate it.  In case of meeting the requirements we will contact you for the following step. 

2. Personal interviews and recruitment tests

We want to learn about your interests, motivations, expectations, technical knowledge and entrepreneurship potential.

3. Presentation of a Business plan

If we both decide to move on with the process, you will receive a training on entrepreneurship which will enable you to present your business plan, which will be assessed and rated by FCC’s management team.

4. Award of a micro-franchise

Once you have completed the entire process and you have received the final approval as micro-franchise candidate we will proceed with the signing of the contract.

5. Training in FCC methodology

Here you will be taught to operate a FCC soccer school, you will learn about our DNA, pedagogy and key processes.  After passing the theoretical/practical tests regarding our operating process, you can run your FCC school.

6. Start your own FCC Soccer School

Now you are ready to kick the ball.

Invest in a FCC Micro-franchise

As an organization you can invest in the entrepreneurship of one of our young micro-franchisee contributing with the initial capital for a self-sustainable venue or contributing with the operating expenses of a social venue.

Some of our investors:

Any questions?

Answers to the most frequently asked questions by our
FCC Micro-franchise program’s candidates and investors.

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